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Under Ground Metal Detectors

Under Ground Metal Detectors
Under Ground Metal Detectors
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Product Code : TT-207
Product Description


Under Ground Metal Detectors

 The use of imported original circuit board and imported movement, the choice of high-quality components, it has a precise positioning, resolution, easy to operate features such as the detector for gold and silver, copper and iron, tin and other metals can be detected, and On the cover of these metals above the soil, rocks. Wood and other substances can penetrate.


 Technical Specification


Power Supply

6PCS AA battery(not including)

Operating Voltage

7.1-9.6 VAC


30mA - 50mA


7.5KHz±1 KHz


>13cm (Tested by one US quarter coin)


8" waterproof search coil

Detected indication

LED display and Buzzer

Battery Condition Indicator



ferrous and non-ferrous



  • Mode—Indicates the five detection modes , the corresponding word on LCD will be highlighted if one of them is selected.

  • Target ID Legend—A Target ID Legend is printed on the LCD screen which can indicate commonly targets and metals. The target ID cursor below the word will highlight when a target is detected ,based on its conductivity.

  • Target ID Cursor—The Target ID cursor will highlight in the Upper Scale and indicates the probable identity of the detected target.

  • Upper Scale:The upper scale where the Target ID cursor will highlight when you are searching, it is consisted of twelve graphical segments in order to get more precise target ID and discrimination.

  • Lower Scale—The lower horizontal scale or Notch Discrimination Scale, which indicates the discrimination pattern when the detector will/won't give an audible signal as a target is located. This scale could be changed by switching between detection Modes.

  • Coin Depth:Coin Depth is expanded to three depth indicators including“2”, “4”,“6” and 8+ inches.

  • Battery Condition Indicator: An LCD display is continuously illuminated to indicate the battery level.

  • Sensitivity:The TT-207 has eight Sensitivity levels in order to get more precise depth and target detection.

underground metal detector details


This model could be used in:

1.Quick search of Criminal Department

2.Discover metal objects in raw materials, fuel

3.Discover metal objects in the mail and baggage and parcels

4.Detect underground pipes, cables

5.Archeology, mineral prospecting

6.Find gold and silver treasures buried underground and metal artifacts.


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